I am an astronomy aficionado, but I'm a lot more interested in  astrophotography. I'm Mexican but it's been a while since I immigrate to Canada, more specifically in the province of Québec.My history with astronomy is curious: I started going to weekly talks at the Sociedad Astronómica de Guadalajara, AC (SAG) because a teacher at the university who also happened was an astronomer would give us extra points in his class for attending to those talks. From there I attended on-field astronomical observations and it started to gain my attention.

I continued to participate with the SAG in astronomical expeditions to different parts of the Mexican Republic such as the Real de 14 in San Luis Potosí, Sierra de Órganos, Zacatecas, MX , Mapimí, Durango (2006).
 In 2008. I served as organizer of the expedition to Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila, MX .

I also performed as a webmaster of the SAG website from 2008 to 2011, during which time I updated the site with a modern and more dynamic content management system. SAG gained more visibility on the Internet during the time I was in charge.

Of all my experience with astronomy, two topics were the ones that started to interest me the most: expeditions/campings and astrophotography. I consider myself a more practical person than a theoretician, so I am not a fan of lounge astronomy: I prefer action, that is, going to stargaze, which is where we really learn much more.

The dynamics of astrophotography in this country are made difficult by the hostile climate. I live in Montreal , a city almost the size of Guadalajara. But no matter where you live in this country there is precipitations throughout the year, be it rain or snow, so the sky is covered almost all the time by a thick layer of clouds.

Given the difficulty of practicing astrophotography here, I decided to continue more seriously and advance my level. For this I needed a log to record my progress in the form of articles that could help others, so I decided to create this site.

My goals are the following:
1) To have a record of my experience and
2) Try to simplify and vulgarize knowledge related to astrophotography by referring, in regards to my experience, of what I consider the essential elements to be able to practice it, which are the following: having a good place of observation, the astrophotographic equipment, the techniques for taking photography and image processing, which is a difficult part of this hobby.

I do this because although there is a lot of information on the Internet, it is usually not well structured and people who are more advanced in astrophotography, although they are experts in the field, they usually do not know how to communicate things in a simple or direct way for the good understanding of the novice .

Another of my goals is to make articles in a simple and summarized language, in a well structured and pleasant place to use.

I hope you find this site useful.