Wednesday, Jul 24
Celestron AVX: Error 16 - error 17: No response

Celestron AVX: Error 16 - error 17: No response


When you turning on the mount, the hand control shows the following behavior:
- A "seeking mount" message appear. 
- Following by the message "No Response 17" Invalid Model. 
(Could by also show "No response 16") 

Fixes / workarounds 

- The least simple cause is the hand control connector is making false contact with the mount or the hand control need to be replaced. 

1) Unplug the control from the mount
2) Turn on the mount
3) Plug the control again. 
The mount works as expected, the error 16/17 is not longer appearing. 

Acquire a new replacement control.  You can fin several vendors Chinese vendors on Ali Express:

- The worst of the cause is the controller board is damaged 
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