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Pourvoirie Saint-Zénon Observatory,Québec, CA

Pourvoirie Saint-Zénon Observatory,Québec, CA

Latitude 46.502696, Longitude -73.711789

The observation site par excellence in terms of places "close" to Montreal. I loved this place because it is an excellent location to practice astronomy or astrophotography. Unfortunately, although it is two hours away from the big Canadian city, being on a mountain and having an almost complete southern horizon,  having the Montreal to the Soth makes its light pollution affect a little bit. However, the advantages are enormous.

Lac aux araignées, Frontenac, Québec, CA

Latitud 45.47782612, Longitud -70.78735079

The fabulous, "Lac aux araignées", which in French means "Lake of the Spiders". They named it so because they say that its shape on the map resembles that of a spider, and not necessarily because it is infested with them.

Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA

Latitud 36.485523, Longitud -114.531312

Located east of Las Vegas, approximately one hour away is the Valley of Fire State Park in the Mojave Desert. I decided to visit this spot on the recommendation of certain members of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society, since they told me that east of Las Vegas the sky was better for astrography.

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California

Latitud 36.420177, Longitud -116.812305

Tired of Montreal's constantly cloudy skies, I finally decided to take an astrophotography trip to Las Vegas. Why Las Vegas, if it's so full of light pollution? Because it is a totally desertic place, and most importantly, it is common to find clear blue skies almost all  the time.

Rhyolite Ghost Town, Nevada, USA

Latitude 36.903210, Longitude -116.828117

This was the place where I spent the first night of observation on my  five days Nevada trip to do astrophotography. It is a supposed "ghost town" that is a few minutes away from a small town called Beatty, on the way to Death Valley..


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