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Camping Bon Désir is a campsite on the banks of the Saint Laurent River, 3.5 hours from Quebec City, located in the municipality of Les Bergeronnes near Tadoussac.

Este viaje lo hice en 2015 cuando ya estaba en Montréal. Siempre había tenido curiosidad por visitarlo.

The place
This is a nice and beautiful space for camping. It has all the services of facilities such as electricity, toilets, sale of food (not many) and the funny thing is a service on a motorbike that provides you with wood to make your fire. The site is really spacious and compared to other camping sites the prices are acceptable. Another curious aspect is that this terrain is on a slope, so they have to find a good place to secure your tent well.

Turning to the astronomical, there is one aspect that makes it very interesting: there are no artificial lights. own to the camp.

The  zone
The Bergeronnes area is near the town of Tadoussac, which is famous for whale watching. In August of every year many tourists come here to hire a boat or zodiac ride to observe these water mammals.

Another tourist attraction is the tour of the Saguenay Fjord (a fjord is a narrow sea entrance formed by the flooding of a valley excavated or partially carved by the action of glaciers).

Taking advantage of the trip we visited the 5 étoiles farm, which is a place known for having several animals such as deer, raccoons, bison, etc. I visited it in summer, but it is more advisable to visit it in winter because you can stay in a Siberian yourt or in a chalet, do activities such as dog sledding or snowmobile, etc.

Getting to the site
Getting to the campsite is not that complicated. From Quebec City, simply take the east highway towards Sainte-Anne de Beaupré and continue straight ahead towards La Malbaie. When you arrive in Baie-Ste Catherine you will have to take a ferry that will transport you with everything and car on the other side of the Saguenay river (where the fjord is) and will leave you in the village of Tadoussac. From Tadoussac to the camp it is approximately 16 km.

Starry Night

As far as the astronomical is concerned, I must say, I was very lucky. Of the three nights that I was in camp  I got a completely clear sky and that is a lot to say about the skies here in Canada since there is rainfall all year round and the climate is extremely unstable for practicing astrophotography. Since the site has no light poles of its own, the darkness is excellent.

There's only one big problem: it's a public camping site. Campfires are allowed and if you stand in a space where there are many tents, there is no lack of the little piggy to walk to where you are taking pictures with his flashlight in hand ready to ruin your picture. This is why it is best to stay away from the main area of the camp.

Camping Bon Désir
Ferme 5 étoiles
Tadoussac Town