Saturday, Jun 15

Forêt Montmorency, Québec, CA

This was the first place I went to for observation: at that time I didn't have a car and I signed up for some observation sessions with a guy who was supposed to teach people how to use his telescope (as is common here, it wasn't free... the vaccination was 100 Canadian dollars for 10 trips, of which thanks to the weather we didn't have all of them... anyway).

The area
This site is approximately 1 hour north of Québec City, in the direction of the Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean highway and the Jacques Cartier park. There are facilities where you can stay overnight and do other activities such as fishing and hiking in the forest, although it must be said, it is not very cheap. You cannot stay and camp at the observation point because an employee of the facility may come to draw your attention to it as they rent out spaces for camping (this type of thing is what I don't like in Quebec, many natural places are managed by some institution so ... go to the checkout ... ).

How to get there
From Quebec City, take Highway 175 north to Saguenay-Lac Saint Jean. The entrance to the Forêt Monmorency of Laval University will be on the right side after approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The observation point is located past the university facilities on the dirt road, approximately the second intersection.

Astronomically speaking
The observation site is good as it is dark because it is really far from any light pollution. Even the light from the Laval University facilities is not affected at all. The only problem is the lack of horizon: since it is in the middle of the forest it is surrounded by large trees so visibility is more towards the Zenith. I'll tell you that here the darkness is so great that it even makes a dent: once I went alone and since it's the forest I was afraid that a bear would suddenly come out, but well it was just a fear and nothing happened.


Forët Montmorency, Université Laval  



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